What we do

Mayfield is a working nursery and social enterprise open to the public for the sale of plants and sundries. We are also an established mental health charity whose parent charity is Solent Mind. We support people with mental health problems and other needs to gain confidence and skills while working in horticulture. This is done by providing structured work and training in a friendly environment thus improving motivation, social skills, confidence and self esteem.

Mayfield Nurseries could not operate without the support of volunteers to help run the nursery and work with our service users. If you have experience in looking after plants either professionally or at home or feel you can offer the charity other useful skill such as carpentry, please enquire about becoming a volunteer for the Mayfield team. Or if you feel you can support the nursery by a donation then this will be gratefully received. We are not a large charity and any donation goes direct into improving or supporting our service.

We rely on the goodwill of our community to keep this vital service running, either by gaining grants, through receiving donations or by purchasing plants to help improve the nursery site and what’s on offer to our service users.