Thank you for your support this year

Thursday 17th December 2015

It’s been a record breaking year at Mayfield Nurseries, seeing us able to fund more of the vital work we do helping people with mental health issues. The success we’ve seen this year really is testament to all the hard work that you the staff, volunteers and supporters have put in. I really value all the many different ways you’ve contributed this year, whether you’ve been able to give us much of your time and resources or a little. As the manager at Mayfield it’s been incredible to see how people’s lives have changed over the course of the year; friendships and confidence have budded in people where it wasn’t before – much like the blooming of the beautiful flowers we grow at Mayfield. As I look ahead to next year, there is much to look forward to and this is all thanks to the vital support you’ve given.

A very Happy Christmas and New Year from everyone at Mayfield Nurseries.