Volunteer for us

Mayfield Nurseries values the work and skills that volunteers bring. We provide a range of volunteering opportunities focused around the day to day running of the working nursery as well as supporting us with the delivery of our programmes and courses. Our volunteers receive training, induction and ongoing support. Volunteering can help to build confidence, meet new people, learn new skills and can be a valuable aid to seeking paid employment in the future.

A man works in a greenhouse at  Mayfield Nurseries

"Mayfield Nurseries rely on our volunteers. We have people giving their time to us from all walks of life, helping us with the running of the nursery and cafe, as well as guiding our participants to engage in meaningful activities, which support them on their road to recovery. Each one of our amazing volunteers brings a unique perspective and set of life experiences which are the bedrock of our Mayfield Nurseries community - we really couldn't do without them!"

Dan Angus, Head of Social Enterprise, Mayfield Nurseries