Therapeutic horticulture

Behind the garden walls of Mayfield Park in Southampton, we have an inviting and tranquil green space that provides a wonderful backdrop for our Wellbeing Services. Mayfield Nurseries provides a supportive, therapeutic environment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We welcome all members of the community and will empower individuals to improve their wellbeing through therapeutic programmes, connecting with horticulture and nature.

What is it?

New Wellbeing programs launching in September at Mayfield Nurseries

Alongside our current therapeutic horticulture and forget me not dementia programs, in late 2020 and 2021 we are excited to introduce new varied wellbeing programs face to face and virtually. These may include: a Mayfield taster session, creative expression, mindfulness in nature, walk for wellbeing, introducing personalised goals, balance, music and plants.

Wellbeing is about feeling good on the inside and on the outside. It is something we all need to think about and sometimes we need a bit of help to get back on track. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the day to day pressures that life brings, whether that is baking, reading, being at one with nature or playing sport. We understand that each person is different, and that is what makes our Wellbeing Service so special.

Mayfield Nurseries Wellbeing Centre is very friendly and welcoming with an informal atmosphere, making it a great place to meet others. Our programs are designed to help individuals towards recovery. We also offer private and confidential emotional support, and one-to-one help to raise aspirations, goals and ambitions. Our aim is to develop and reinforce people’s strengths while they try to achieve their goals in their journey towards recovery.

Please click on the 'Resources' tab below to see a full description of our current Programmes.

Who is it for?

You don’t have to have a mental health diagnosis to participate in our programs. You could be experiencing mental health issues, wanting to increase physical, social and community activity, develop new skills or want to learn more about overall wellbeing.



Programme of events Autumn 2020
of people said Mayfield has improved their mental health.
of people feel their skills have improved as a result of accessing Mayfield's services.
of profits from plants sales are put towards helping those that need it most.

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Gardening for dementia

Mayfield Nurseries provides a safe and supportive environment for people with Dementia to build confidence and develop new skills through a fun and caring approach to gardening.

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The Plants for People project is a joint initiative between Mayfield Nurseries and Southampton City Council, which combines community development work with gardening to make a lasting difference to people living on social housing estates in Southampton.

About the nursery

Mayfield Nurseries is a working plant nursery and subsidiary charity of Solent Mind, the leading mental health charity across Hampshire.