Gardening for Dementia

Mayfield Nurseries provides a safe and supportive environment for people with Dementia to build confidence and develop new skills through a fun and caring approach to gardening. If you require specialist 1:1 support to comfortably enjoy Mayfield's services, you are welcome to bring a carer or loved one.

Therapeutic gardening for people with dementia at Mayfield Nurseries

At Mayfield we:

  • Have trained staff who understand the issues and challenges faced by people with Dementia.
  • Provide a tailored gardening plan with a person-centered approach.
  • Offer a wide range of gardening activities for both people with Dementia and carers.

What can gardening at Mayfield do for you?

Research shows that Dementia gardening:

  • Can double overall wellbeing in six months.
  • Promotes a feeling of self-identity and independence.
  • Improves mood and orientation.
  • Reduces anxiety and offers a sense of achievement.

At Mayfield Nurseries we understand that everyone has a different experience with Dementia; we are here to help you re-connect with friends and family.

For more information call us for a chat on: 023 8044 7743.