Blue Monday boost

Today is Blue Monday – we understand that feeling low isn’t limited to just one day, but connecting to nature is one way we can support our mental health year round...

Blue Monday is a phrase coined by psychologist Cliff Arnall, calculated by factoring the combination of bleak weather, post-Christmas blues, financial struggles and lack of motivation.

It's important to look after our mental health, particularly during unsettling times and connecting to nature can be one way to do this. Simple activities such as going for walks when you can, spending time in parks or gardens, or simply sitting near a window, can make all the difference.

We have a selection of Programmes available to support people with their mental health, anyone can sign up, and we aim to empower individuals to improve their wellbeing through connecting to nature, for more information, see here

To showcase some of the brilliant work created by our wellbeing participants over the last couple of months, we've put together a virtual gallery below - we hope this gives you a boost!

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