What to do this month in the garden

Head of Social Enterprise at Mayfield, Dan Angus, talks us through what jobs we can be getting on with in the garden this month.

Spring! It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for, and a statistic which lifted my spirits was that 3 million more people have taken up gardening as a hobby since last March (from the HTA). If you are one of those 3 million, welcome to the greatest pastime – you’ll never give it up once you’ve started! 

My son recently received a small propagator pack including a carrier bag of compost, and some sunflower seeds (courtesy of our Plants for People community project). He has never been so delighted to get planting and was so excited to see the first green shoots emerging – he’s 14 and prone to YouTube and computer games(!). It’s proof that you can get involved in gardening whatever your circumstances or size of outdoor space. 

For my own part, I have been spring cleaning the shed and checking all the tools over – making sure the electrical ones are in good order and lubricated as directed by the manufacturer, checking wooden handles of spades, forks and rakes for any signs of rot, cleaning and lubricating blades and generally making sure I have everything ready for a big spring clear out of my beds and some much needed lawn care! If you do need any new garden tools we have plenty in stock at Mayfield. 

Before plants and weeds start to spread rampantly, this is a good time to dig over your beds and add some soil conditioner, or lime as needed. I find digging in any fallen leaves that are still around to be very helpful. In the garden soil is at the heart of everything we do – all plants grow from it and eventually, return to it, so it’s worth investing some time to make sure it’s nourished. Well-conditioned topsoil, which is loose and workable makes the planting stage of the year even more enjoyable. If you find it hard work, remember, it is great exercise and you don’t have to do it all at once. Take it slowly and do what you can. 

In other exciting news, it is hanging basket season! Mayfield Nurseries has ready-made hanging baskets which are always popular and beautiful, they’ll brighten any balcony or patio. We also have all you could need to make your own, which is a great activity I will be doing with my boy. If you are looking for others ways to connect to nature, our Community Gardening project, Plants for People are running a photography competition, see more here. Remember if you are sharing your images on social media be sure to tag us in!

Whatever you do in March, aim to spend more time outside; try to surround yourself with plants, notice spring growth, it’s a sign of hope. 

Stay safe, and all of our best wishes from the team at Mayfield Nurseries. 

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