Let Love Grow

This Valentine's Day, we asked people to share with us some of the lovely things people have done to help support their mental health.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the people who love and appreciate you, that you love and appreciate them back. This doesn’t always have to be a romantic love. It could be love for a relative, fondness towards a neighbour, a bond with your best friend or an appreciation for your carer. Whichever way people touch our lives, they can all make a positive impact on our mental health. This month, we asked people to share with us some of the lovely things people have done to help support their mental health.

And the responses warmed our hearts.

Food for thought

A model friend

An advocate for advocacy

Getting out and about

Paws for thought

Have you got a loved one who’s supported your mental health? Or are you supporting someone who lives with a mental health issue? Share your stories with us and continue to #LetLoveGrow with a plant from Mayfield Nurseries….

A gift that’ll keep growing

A bouquet is a wonderful way to show somebody that you love them. Inevitably though, a bouquet has a shelf life. This year, we’re encouraging you to let love grow. Visit us at our Mayfield Nursery in Woolston and find a meaningful plant to show someone you care.

Primroses are in bloom this time of the year. A sacred flower, the primrose was used to honour the goddess of love, and represents women and the various stages of life. Because they bloom in early spring, they also represent new beginnings and new life.

A primrose is quite hardy, so an easy one to grow. Plant your primroses in light shade, and water thoroughly throughout the summer (about once a week).

Crocuses are also a lovely plant to gift anyone, romantic or platonic. With its fragrance thought to inspire love, it was even believed to bloom at midnight on Valentine’s Day. How apt!

Crocuses should be planted somewhere sunny. They can be grown in pots or in the ground. Plant them in the autumn, before frost sets in. They usually bloom during rainy seasons so it’s rare they’ll need too much water. They are likely to multiply once established, leaving you with a host of lovely crocuses!

Visit our Mayfield Nursery Shop and see what we have in store. Gift it, plant it and let love grow!

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