Catherine's story

Catherine participated in our wellbeing programme, she blogs for us about her experience taking part regularly in the sessions...

"Mayfield Nurseries wellbeing Programme has helped me by giving me a sense of purpose and routine during the week. I have something to look forward to.

The people who work at Mayfield Nurseries are so welcoming and I’ve made some great friends along the way, it really cheers me up being able to share a joke or two.

I love working with plants and feel I have learnt so much from the programme, and have more of an understanding of how spending time around nature and greenery can help improve your mental health.

If someone is thinking about signing up to a Programme at Mayfield I would 100% recommend they do it and give it a try. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, you’ll learn about so many different plants in a friendly and welcoming environment.

The wellbeing team always on hand to help and have supported me by being there when I needed them, whether that be to ask a little question, or if there is something bigger which I’m feeling unsure about.

The experience has given my confidence a boost, and when I reflect on it, it’s given me hope."

If you would like to find out more about our wellbeing programmes, please see here.